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Melody was Joy Electric's debue album. Fast beats and clean bleeps and boops made for a dancy sound. It followed the sounds of Ronnie Martin's previous bands Dance House Children and Rainbow Rider.

Fives Stars For Failure, an EP, was a sort of transition between the dance of Melody and the dark medevil music in We Are The Music Makers.

This album is original, I have never heard of any band ever recording a totally synthetic album. No drum machines or anything digital completely analogue.

This album is great, it's the first pop-like album put out by Joy Electric and one of the best. Old Wives Tales is full of catchy melodies and keyboard solos.

Robot Rock was a milestone in Synthetic Music, with catchy fast beats and a distinct Rock & Roll feal. Joy Electric set a new level in both Rock and Synth music.

Land of the misfits continues in the way of Robot Rock but with a very Euro tune. Very ambient noises set the pace for one of Joy Electric's best albums ever.